Pujiang County is located in the center of Zhejiang Province, north in Jinhua, bounded by Yiwu and Lanxi to the South, beside Jiande to the west and adjacent to Zhuji to the east. It exercises jurisdiction over seven towns, five townships, three residential districts, nineteen neighborhood communities and four hundred and nine villages with a population of 380,700, covering an area of 915.35 square kilometers. It enjoys splendid and beautiful mountains and rivers with the so-called name of “Graceful Area” and “Center for Relaxation.” It is rich in the ecological tourism resources with the AAAA level tourist area of Xinhua Mountain and the recent developed scenic spots as Bashiwan, Baozhang Valley, Shenli Gorge, Tongji Lake and The First Family of Southern China. The latter, the Zheng Family Clan descendants have been living in Pujiang for fifteen generations. It also has “Shangshan Cultural Relics,” which has been the earliest site of New Stone Age discovered so far in the bright pearl history of Zhejiang culture.

Pujiang is famous for the Puyang River and it was called Feng in ancient times. It was set up as a county in the second year of Donghan Xingping (195 AD). The name was changed to Pujiang County in the third year of Wuyue Tianhao (910 AD), which has been used until now. There is no lack of talented people here. Among them, the most famous are Songlian as the founding minister of the Ming Dynatsy and Donggaoxinyue who went to Japan and was known as the father of seal cutting there. Pujiang is also named as “County of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy” and “County of Chinese Folk Art.” The industry in Pujiang is varied, among which crystals and padlocks take up to 70% market sale, which makes Pujiang as the collecting and distributing center of crystal and padlocks in China. Thus it is named the “Crystal Capital” and “Padlock Center.”


Xinhua Mountain

Baozhang Valley

Straw Art

Ma Ling

Shangshan Culture

First Family of Southern China

Songxi Village

Wuju Opera

Glazed Glass

Ma Liang and the Magic Paint Brush

Tongji Lake



Legend of Baozhang Valley



Lanxi (Jinhua)

Zhuji (Shaoxing)

Jiande (Hangzhou)