Baozhang Valley lies in the north of Pujing, 10 kilometers away from the county town, covering an area of 10.5 square kilometers.  It consists of springs, rocks, caves and temples.  On either side of the valley are two weaving crags rising high into the cloud.  At the bottom of the alley, gently flows the murmuring brook.  The spring water here is cool and sweet.  In the valley, the cloud steams and becomes radiant and the hills are always shrouded in the mist rising slowly in the valley.  All these make the valley shrouded in mystery.

The Baozhang Temple was built in the valley.  In the Fifteenth Year of Zhenguan during the Tang Dynasty, the senior monk Baozhang Zen master from Middle India came to live here after he roamed half of China.  He said “after roaming most of China, only this place is worth traveling.”  The vegetation here is luxuriant, the air clean and fresh, and it’s very cool in the summer.  No wonder it is a sacred tourist attraction both for sight-seeing and pilgrimage.