Ma Ling scenic spot is located in the center of Zhouzhai in Huyuan River Bsin, northwest of Pujiang, where three counties, Pujiang, Jiande and Tonglu meet in the towering mountains and high ridges.  It covers an area of 10 square kilometers, including 38 scenic spots.  The peculiar mountains and queer rocks content with each other to show their charm.  The ancient trees tower to the sky; the vines creep up the hills and stones; trees and grass grow luxuriantly.  It is a pleasant natural splendor, featured with beauty, eccentricity, seclusion, and wilderness.

In the east of Ma Ling stretches over a ridge from east to west, which is 25 kilometers long like a curtain hanging form the sky.  On the top of the ridge is a slop extending widely, which is called Red Rock Summit.  On the west of the top is a valley of several thousand deep.  To the west of the valley is a mountain with a very steep cliff.  On the mountain, there is a limestone cave like a window, which is pervious to light from the south to north and its called a coral.  On the top of the mountain is an ancient cypress.  Tourists say this cypress can be compared with the Guest-Greeting Pine on Huangshan Mountain.  On the top of Ma Ling towers up to the heaven a mountain about 720 meters high.  This mountain leans form the west to he north, like a neck of a horse.  The top of the mountain stretches from east to south like a face of a horse, on which there are cliffs and rocks.  A lot of thick grass and bushes grow there, fuzzy like the hair of the horse.  So it is called Matou Mountain.  Ma Ling gets ins name because of this.

The Beauty Mountain looks like a mushroom cloud rising up slowly to the sky.  Viewing it from a distance and it is like a portrait of a maiden facing to the south standing on a cloud.  It can be called an exotic rock in the middle of Zhejiang Proving.  Longmoshi Ridge stretches ahead about one kilometer, wriggling like a snake and shaped like a dragon.