In the south of Shenli Gorge, the mountains are high and steep, with thick forest and marvelous water around.  Birds, animals, and grassland are everywhere with exotic rocks and magnificent falls around.  The natural environment is quiet and beautiful and well protected.

In the northern part are ancestral halls and buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty.  There are several scenic spots here like the Censer Hidden in the Smog, Zhuyan Falls, Stalagmite and Cool Spring, the Sleeping Celestial, Zhutou Mountain, Grandpa Chen Carrying Stones, Valley of One-Hundred Steps, Meteor Cliff for Watching Eagles, etc.

In this gorge, a three kilometer ancient post house named “Tenli Paviliion.”  Since ancient times, ten beautiful legends have evolved and are still popular today.  These include Huizhounese Gining Treasure, Grandpa Chen Carrying Stones, Shanniang Sleeps Eternally, Geshan Temple, and Zhutou Mountain Light.

Shenli Gorge has always been a good place for writers to visit since the Song Dynasty.  Lots of famous writers of Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasty have written travelling journals and poems about the gorge.