Songxi Village surrounded by mountains, which rise amid Pinnacle, somewhat isolated quiet and laid-back, forming a distinctive crest Wang Chao, Ping Shan Tsui arch, bridges and the like moonlight “Songxi Ten.” Mountain crest, lion stone risk, cliffs and strange Dragon, White Tiger. Daqing peaks quiet, it plays the next valley east dock, the source of the West.

Songxi existing old buildings is most clear when built, of about 1560, about 54,600 square meters. Wherein Xu Hall, Shao Ancestral Hall and other 43 are particularly beautiful. The entire village was built because of the terrain, ancient houses densely distributed, well-proportioned, with the change of terrain, and look toward the house also will be changes, wharf wall and the door first changing the composition, the scenery of the village also will be alive. Hall, station doors, and theater hall, its carving, lacquer painting, revealing all colorful artistic charm. Some door Fusion old house of the Qing Dynasty, brick Fenqiangdaiwa, simple and elegant. All types of building compact structure, unique decoration, gables, gate, window lintels, beams, patio, murals, etc. are all excellent and with its current exhibition of the design process of perfection. Stone road extending in all directions, a hundred thousand turn off, several times back and forth, so that strangers like entering a maze. Ancient Villages has experienced hundreds of years of ups and downs still completely preserved, forming a large-scale ancient buildings.