Tongji Lake was built in 1956 with its dam 35 meters high and 275 meters long.  Nine hundred and sixty-two cubic meters of earth and stone were used in this construction and 3.68 million workers worked on it.  Sixteen villages were flooded and 1152 families including 4566 villagers moved away from here.  Thanks to this lake, both sides of the Puyang River became granaries despite drought or excessive rain.  This lake starts from the dam in the east to Maqiaotou in the west, stretching from Siquan Mountain and Wanwu Mountain in the south to the southern slope of Ming Mountain (now Qianwu village) in the north.  Normally this lake can hold 58.8 cubic meters of water.  There are six islands and dozens of peninsulas n the lake.  With beautiful scenery and thick forests, the lake area is an ideal place for the tourists to enjoy the sightseeing, water activities, fishing, etc.